domingo, 13 de março de 2011

Sétima Reunião da Comissão Mista Trilateral do Fórum IBAS

The Ministers of External Relations of India, Brazil and South Africa, gathered in New Delhi, on March 8th 2011, for the VII Ministerial Meeting of the IBSA Dialogue Forum, closely attentive to the present political unrest in several Middle Eastern and northern African countries, stressed their expectation that the changes sweeping the region follow a peaceful course. They expressed their confidence in a positive outcome in harmony with the aspirations of the peoples.
Referring to the IBSA Ministerial Declaration, issued in Brasilia, on April 15th 2010, on the occasion of the Fourth IBSA Summit, when a meeting with the Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Malki was held, they stated their conviction that the recent developments in the Region may offer a chance for a comprehensive peace in the Middle East. This process should include the solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the resumption of negotiations that will lead to a two-state solution, with the creation of a sovereign, democratic, independent, united and viable Palestinian State, coexisting peacefully alongside Israel, within secure, pre-1967 borders, and with East Jerusalem as its capital.
In line with the Joint Statement of the IBSA Ministerial Meeting, held in New York, February 11th 2011, concerning countries that risk of lapsing or relapsing into conflict, they underlined the key role of development strategies for the achievement of sustainable peace. In that sense, they recalled that IBSA countries are sponsoring projects in Palestine, such as the construction of a Multipurpose Sports Center in Ramallah and the creation of a Palestinian Youth Sports League. Recalling their condition of developing countries, who share therefore the same challenges for ensuring sustainable development, they are willing to cooperate with other Arab countries in order to address social and economic issues aiming at long term stability and recovery, according to regional demands, whenever requested.
Taking into consideration the presence of the three countries in the Security Council during 2011, they stated their intention to assess areas for further cooperation and discuss the current security situation with a view to making a positive contribution.

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